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What kind of tips will I get?

Good question. You’ll get tips that we’ve researched extensively, based on statistics we’ve been following for weeks, months and years. For instance, did you know that when Charlie Appleby chooses Adam Kirby as his jockey, his win rate jumps to 1 in 3. Of those horses, we can refine even further to get nearly a 1 in 2 strike rate, and we know that we’ll make a profit from a consistent £1 stake.

No tipster can give you a 100% record – no matter how much they boast about experience, research and insider knowledge. My tips are data first, knowledge second. I’ve worked for years with data, and had previously only had a passing interest in horses. What I found originally was that if I gave horse racing tips using data only, my failings came when I didn’t appreciate the human/equine element of tipping.

You can predict 40% of behaviours using data, but you can hit 50% when you add in the human/equine element. And for a tipster, that’s a stunning rate of success.

What kind of races do you work with?

All races – after all, if you can read data, you can predict almost anything with 40% certainty. Maidens, however, are easier to predict than any other, so long as you have a system in place to start your research. The horses are younger and therefore don’t have the health problems that come with older horses. There are trainers who specialise in maidens – Godolphin’s record with 2 year olds, for instance, is excellent.

Rather than races, I tend to look at trainers and their individual behaviours – why are they sending this horse out at this track, at this time?

How come you’re giving out free tips and not paid ones?

Again, a good question. This is a relatively new site, it would be wrong for me to charge for tips without at least a year’s worth of tips on the site, and plenty of proof that they’re good! So, for the first year at least, it’s completely free – and if you sign up now, it’ll be free forever for you. As a way of saying thank you.

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